For the greatest otp ever, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They are perfect for each other. Also, things about Rupert Grint or Emma Watson, because they're cute too.
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Emma Watson for Elle US (By Carter Smith) (x)

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ron and hermione → order of the phoenix

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“A great groan has issued from the crowd, undoubtedly in response to Ronald Weasley flagrantly and openly kissing his wife on the cheek. This piece of disgusting exhibitionism appears to have disgusted spectators- my colleague, Ginny Potter, has just informed me that the crowd groaned because one of the players has sustained an injury.”
— Rita Skeeter, Quidditch World Cup Coverage

Ron and Hermione by Catching-Smoke


romione + warm colors → asked by ronweasley

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Rupert Grint // London’s Heathrow Airport on 1 July 2014

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