For the greatest otp ever, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They are perfect for each other. Also, things about Rupert Grint or Emma Watson, because they're cute too.
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Happy 24th birthday, Emma Watson! (April 15, 1990) ♥ 

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“I’m always waiting for that one that really grabs you - and a challenge as well I think - and that’s what I felt about this. It’s something quite out of my comfort zone just with the nature of the Shakespeare language. Not very word heavy kind of Shakespeare”. -Rupert Grint about Instruments of Darkness (Enemy of Man)

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But Ron was staring at Hermione as though suddenly seeing her in a whole new light.

“Hermione, Neville’s right — you are a girl… .”

“Oh well spotted,” she said acidly.

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This is Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world. It’s rumoured
to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them…

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Every DH pt. 2 promo pic, featuring Ron and/or Hermione - 12 / 54

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